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Thanks, Bloggess…..

I’m socially awkward. Like, really, really, socially awkward.

Not even kidding, guys. It would be better for the whole world if I didn’t ever leave my house.¬† I have no filter, I say what’s on my mind and it’s rarely appropriate, I have a hard time lying so I tend to be brutally honest. I, am a mess in real life.

I’ve been facebook buddies with Hub’s cousin for a really long time. We went down for my Sister in Law and her Wife’s wedding last May. Hub’s cousin was all excited that we were finally gonna meet IRL. First thing I said to him after realizing we were gonna meet? “Fair warning, I’m totally awkward IRL.”, I wasn’t being funny, I’m sure he thought I was trying to be, I was serious. Case in point. Dressed in my favorite cream colored cotton skirt with black embroidery for the wedding. I had a simple black v-neck t-shirt and one of my favorite black velvet stilettos to complete the ensemble. It was hot as hell so I didn’t bother with stockings. I get out of the car, walk 10 feet, catch a crack on the sidewalk, fall, skin my knees. Awesome.

One of the many, many, reasons I love, truly love, Jenny over at, is that her, and her amazing readers, make feel normal in my awkwardness. She writes, no matter how many times before she’s written about some sort of social awkwardness, like she’s the only one who could do something so odd in public. And, each time hundreds of comments flood her blog post. Some people offer support, but most of them, most people write stories of their own mortifying social awkwardness. Reading those stories is where I find home. It’s where I am reminded I am not alone.

They’re my tribe. You’re free to join us, if you’d like. It’s awesome over here.

Hubs says we aren’t a real tribe.

Well, we are, Seth. So stop being such an ass hole. Pft.

Anyway. we all know how I’m running for the School Board. And, you’ll be happy to know that I’m not freaking out about this anymore.* And, I was asked to come into CBS up here and do a little 5 min blurb about me and a few of the issues the Board will be facing this year.

I got there early and decided to select a random page from Jenny’s blog to read while waiting. It was a story about how she said “vagina” a few times on live TV.

Because that’s exactly what I needed rolling around my brain before going on TV.

What does me and my social awkwardness do? Anchorman comes out, introduces himself. I don’t even get my name out. Instead I blurt out “I promise I won’t say vagina in the interview.”.

End inappropriate word count for the interview?

  • Hell = x8
  • Shit = x5
  • Fuck = x3
  • Vagina = 0

So, win?

Being socially awkward is awesome.

And by awesome I mean I should never leave my house.




*Totes lied. Still Freaking the fuck out over all this.

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