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Just A Quickie

Hey all!

Just a quick note to say that now that they finally got me in the kitchen, I love it!! I love my new job. I think I’m going to be very happy there.

Also, if y’all helped out on my request for VooDoo Gris-Gris, let me know when you need me to reciprocate. I don’t take VooDoo Gris-Gris exchange promises lightly.

Seriously. Why risk with messing with that.

Long Live the Geeks!!! (Well, Whovians, for the sake of this post)

Did I ever tell y’all about the time I had the TARDIS engine noise as a ring tone?

Once a year the college up here does this big thing at the Engineering building for kids. They bring out cool projects to demo, cook foods using really neato science – then give it to the kids and have really neat science ans engineering activities for kids. Other groups come in too, like the youth Robotics league, and demo all their projects. It is totally worth your day and really cool! And, lets face it, science and engineering geeks and nerds are pretty damn awesome to hang with.

Anyway, Hellian and I were in the big common area with about 150 other people looking at all the cool robots and science projects when my phone rang. Seeing that it was a friend, and not super important I stuck it back in my pocket, making a note to call him back later.

It’s funny how it started. The guy doing the demo we were watching got quiet. Then the people nearest me all fell silent. It was like ripples on the water. The noise just stopped in a wider and wider ring around my ringing phone. About the time my phone stopped ringing, the silence had reached the middle of the room. Around the time, maybe 20 seconds later, someone started talking again, my phone rang again. Again, the TARDIS engines rang out. This time, the whole room fell silent within the first two rings.

I could see it. All these people, many of them well educated, reaffirming the rational bits regarding Doctor Who within their minds: “Doctor Who is just a television show. It’s obviously a ring tone or recording. It’s not the TARDIS showing up in Fairbanks. The Doctor isn’t real, he’s only a fictional character on television”

And then, then, magic happened. A voice, a lone child’s voice range out, breaking the silence. “MOM! MOM! THE DOCTOR IS HERE! MOM! I HAVE TO GO FIND HIM! OH MY GOD! MOM! IT’S THE TARDIS! MOM!” Then, a kid (guessing about 7-8 years old) tore out of the room, shoving into people and leaving a slightly desperate woman (assuming his mom) trying to catch him in his wake.

But seriously, think about it. Yeah, the adults got quiet because it’s nice to believe, even for a moment, that someone like the Doctor is real, but we’re grown ups. We’re old, jaded and cynical. Magic is nothing but illusions and tricks. Fairy Tales are just stories. Monsters and dragons have long since turned into horrible bosses, bills, looming deadlines and over drawn bank accounts. Yeah, we like to pretend to believe that The Doctor could be real, but we never really do. I mean, that stupid adult voice in the back of our brain will never really lets us. But this kid, this amazing child, just had the very best day ever. His hero, this man who travels through space and saves people, he was real. For that day, that moment, the impossible happened and he was delighted.


Appently, Seth ate 18 wings and had a tall beer for lunch.

I’m an alcoholic and just had a beer for lunch.

Dawn was the only one who ate balanced, ish.


“Hamburgers. Hamburgers With Cheese”

Did I ever tell y’all about the time when Phillip was 3 and we picked up our puppy from a cow farm?

Our red heeler made babies with an adorable blue heeler and we got one!

We drive out to Smudges baby’s momma’s owners cow farm to get our puppy.

Once there Mo (baby’s momma’s owner) took Phillip over to the fence, pointed out the cows and asked if Phillip knew what they were.


Phillip: Hamburgers.

Mo: What?

Phillip: Hamburgers with cheese.


My kid is broke.

The Cool Kid?!

Today was my kiddo’s first day at school. He loves his Head Start program and all I heard for the last week was “AM I GOING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW?”

So, finally, today was the day. And, we get to school and he stuffs his gear into his cubby outside the classroom and runs in without so much as a look back or “bye mom”.

As I’m heading into his classroom I overhear this:


Kid 1: HEY! Phillip’s back!

Kid 2: Who’s that?

Kid 1: The cool kid in class.


My kid, the cool kid in class? Seriously? He’s four. He wears super hero undies, is a Dr Who geek, AND IS FOUR. How do 3-5 year olds even know what cool is?


Because Sometimes You Just Need Denis Leary To Sing The Asshole Song To Turn Your Day Around

This came up on my playlist shuffle on my way into work today.

Totally turned my day right around.

Fail Better

Samuel Beckett said it best, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

I’ve failed, so many times.

I’ve fallen, I’ve hurt, I’ve been in dark places so many times I’ve lost count.

We had a family active day a week or so ago. I skated and my hubs and kiddo rode bikes.

Phillip wasn’t watching where he was going and was riding all crazy like and wiped out. Twice.

The second time he fell we had this little convo:

Phillip: I don’t wanna get back on my bike. I’m just gonna fall again.

Me: I know buddy. But, you know what? You’re gonna fall some more, no way around that. You just have to keep getting back up and try again.

Phillip: For ever? I’m gonna have to keep getting back up forever?

Me: You have no idea the profound epiphany you just had at four years old, kid.

Phillip: What?

Me: Yup, for the rest of your life you’re going to have to keep getting back up and trying again.

Phillip: Well, that’s just great. *sigh*


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

This is me. Failing better.

How about you?

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