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My Kid Is Screwed

When we were kids, our parents had the threat of baby pictures being shown to whatever friends came over to the house. I remember getting I mad when my mom or dad would threaten to take out the naked baby pictures.

I mean full-out teen rage. How could they even think about ruining my life like that? Didn’t they care that if they showed the pictures I would have to live the rest of my life in witness protection? I would never be able to show my face again. Ever. Not even kidding. I was naked in a bunch of those pictures. I was covered in baby gross and those really should have been burned. What the hell mom and dad?

Now, I’m a parent and I have options. Thanks to these here interwebs, I can embarrass the shit out of my kid. One picture posted to his facebook wall, one tweet, one video uploaded to YouTube, and everyone he knows will see it.

See, I’m not a collector on any of the social media sites. Those I’m friends with are people I would invite over to my house. Not teens, though. Teen are “friends” with everyone in their high school, and the neighboring high schools, and random people who friended them.

One post man, just one nekkid baby picture posted to his wall for 10 minutes will be spread throughout his friends list like wild-fire.

It’s gonna be epic.

My kid is so screwed.

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