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Ok, so, sometimes I just want to be left the hell alone.

Like in the shower.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love Seth, I really do. But, when we spend all the previous day together, dinner that night, sex into the wee hours, morning sex…. I don’t want him in the shower with me the next morning too!

There are two pieces of evidence Id like to show in favor of my point of view.

The first comes from the Criminal Minds show from Season 3 episode 14, Damaged.

JJ: So, you were in the shower with Kevin Lynch?
Garcia: Come on, JJ. I’m being serious. I need your help.
JJ: With what?
Garcia: Agent Rossi. We’re not supposed to date fellow Bureau employees.
JJ: From what I hear, Rossi is the reason most of these fraternization rules even exist. He’s not gonna say anything, relax. Wait, what was Rossi doing at you apartment?
Garcia: Well that’s a good- I’m not suppose to tell anyone.
JJ: Why?
Garcia: I didn’t press the issue. I was all naked and drippy.
JJ: Right. Doesn’t showering with someone always seem like a better idea before you’re actually doing it?
Garcia: Yeah, it can be a bit of a work out.
JJ: I mean there comes a point where a girl’s gotta wash her hair alone, you know…

Right there, the last three lines really say it all.

The next is from the Pink song Leave Me Alone:

The part you’re looking for is at 1 minute, 32 seconds in. “No you can’t, hop into my shower. All I ask for is one fuckin’ hour.”

Girls, y’all know where I’m coming from here. That nice, hot water, alone with your thoughts, then there’s someone there, grabbing at you, wanting shower sex…

I’m not saying that I’m against co-showering, sometimes, I like it. But, man, unless I send you the invite? Stay the hell out my shower!!

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